NVIDIA nettop platform pictured

By Koushik Saha on 19.12.08

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NVIDIA hasn't confirmed its work on a nettop platform for Intel's Atom processor. It has indicated that the Atom market is interesting, while we have also been hearing rumors that it is actually working on two new Atom chipsets. The first pictures of what looks like a nettop from NVIDIA has been posted and we even get a view of the actual board, housed inside a mini-PC that indeed looks like an NVIDIA creation.

The computer is said to be a reference design of NVIDIA's nettop platform and we neither believe or hope that any will use this exact design. The connectors are spread around the sides of the case in what seems likea real hole orgy.The most important is what we find inside the case though, a single-chip chipset with MCH, GPU and ICH functions. This reference design supports Intel's Atom 230 and dual-core Atom 330 processors, one SO-DIMM DDR3 module, USB 2.0 ports, SATA ports, Gigabit LAN and one DVI-I output, located on the back.
All this has been squeezed onto a motherboard of the Pico ITX format measuring only 7x10cm. Something that really opens up for even slimmer and better designed nettops.

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