MSI unveils its first EFI-based BIOS

By Koushik Saha on 13.12.08

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It was way back in January 2008 that Taiwan's Micro-Star International announced its plans to adopt the EFI BIOS specification in its next generation of motherboards.

Today, those plans have finally materialised with the launch of MSI's first EFI-based BIOS for its P45 Platinum, P45 Diamond and P45D3 Platinum motherboards.

The all-new BIOS, dubbed MSI Click, makes use of the EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) specification - managed by the Unified EFI Forum - to bring an easy-to-use GUI with mouse support to the traditionally tired-looking BIOS. Shown below in early pre-beta form, it promiseseasy one-click access to all the usual BIOS features.
Although currently available on only three motherboard models, we'd expect MSI to roll out an EFI-based BIOS for additional boards in the near future.

The key benefits, as listed by MSI, are as follows:

* Supports graphical menus and features
* Supports mouse-controlled interface
* Supports pre-OS applications, file oriented (ex: System recovery, games, media player, Internet browser, etc.)
* Supports multi-language
* UEFI support for x64 versions of Windows Vista are included in Service Pack 1

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