AMD brings two new desktop chips

By Koushik Saha on 18.12.08

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AMD, the cut throat competitor for Intel has announced the launch of its last pair of dual-core Athlon chips fabbed at 65nm.

Both, the new Athlon64 X2 processors fabbed at 65nm are tagged with the model number 7750, but one is available only to OEM PC builders and runs at 2.5GHz, whilst the other is an unlocked Black Edition chip with the listed speed of 2.7GHz.

The new chips have 512KB of Level 2 cache memory on each processor core and 2MB of shared Level 3 cache. Both the chips are part of AMD’s Cartwheel desktops platform thatalso includes its 780G chipset and ATI Radeon 3200 integrated graphics parts.

The OEM model costs low as compared to overclockable Black Edition. The Black Edition costs $79.
AMD has recently released the first of its Shanghai line of server processors built on its latest 45nm fab technology.

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