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By Koushik Saha on 21.11.08

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One of the latest and the most updated site of technology is Thinkdigit. This is a site which gives you a lot of information straight from the world of technology. There is no doubt that this the site which gives a vibrant knowledge about latest gadgets and technology to its visitors and readers.
They have a lot of sections to be discussed. They have sections like Technology news, Open source, Programming, questions and answers and a lot. You will get a lot to know if you visit the site. A section is totally dedicated to the beginners in the world of technology. The Hardware Troubleshooting section is totally dedicated for those who have got struck in any problem related to their computer hardware or any other technical gadgets. They have also Software Troubleshooting section which deals with any software problem that you may go through while installing the software or any problem caused during software crash.
This site is also the publisher of the famous Digit magazine which has been selected as the number one tech magazine in India as per the latest IRS survey. This magazine also deals with the latest gadgets and technology news. They have a free classifieds section which the user can go through.They have also a tutorial section that you can go through to know latest tips and tricks that will increase the performance of your computer. So don't be late just log on to the site and gather the information that you want.And here is the rest of it.

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