Beta version of Evernote released for Mac OS X

By Koushik Saha on 17.10.08

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Evernote, a free application that allows users to capture information in any environment making it accessible at any time, has been updated to version 1.1.5. The software is still in beta, but now adds AppleScript support, as well as support for exporting and importing notes to and from XML.

Evernote lets you capture stuff like webpages, whiteboards, scribbles, to-dos, even photos and music. As soon as you add a file to your account, you can assign it a name, or a tag, or more names and tags, and you'll be able to find it later on without any trouble, even if you can only remember a few characters. It brings up everything you might have once stored for safe keeping using tags and even text recognition. All you have to do is just search for an inside Evernote just like you remember it. The text recognition technology allows you to search for text within images, even handwritten text. If there's but one thing you can remember about a certain item, you'll most likely get to it as Evernote is an expert at narrowing down a search. Best of all, the service is available for all your devices, Mac, PC and mobile phone, as long as you can connect to the Internet with them.

Evernote 1.1.5 Beta brings the following new enhancements:- Support for exporting and importing notes to and from a well-defined XML format.
- AppleScript support.
- Fix a bug where note parsing errors could overwrite note content with the error message.
- When plain-text is pasted into a note it is no longer surrounded with a tag.
- List, Mixed and Thumbnail view should all remember their layouts between application launches now.
- Fix a bug where creating a tag with just a double-quote (") for the name would cause a crash.
- Some spiffy new toolbar and sidebar icons.

A native iPhone client for Evernote has also been released via the iTunes App Store. Evernote for iPhone is location-aware, it lets you send e-mails from within the app, it securely decrypts notes and it provides to-dos and clickable URLs and e-mail addresses. Evernote for iPhone is currently at version 1.3 and can be acquired here.

To upgrade your desktop client, use the link below.

Evernote 1.1.5 Beta for Mac (Free Download).

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