The tiny bluetooth headset by Pillete

By Koushik Saha on 7.3.08

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The necessity of being on the phone while you are on the road used to be a great inconvenience for most people especially for those who are driving or commuting when they receive calls from their boss or their clients. But the Bluetooth technology changed all that because they no long need to hold their mobile phones over their ears or wrestle with unmanageable cord lines. The Bluetooth headset is now one of the hottest necessity gadgets that any business executive or professional would want for themselves.

As you would expect, there are many models of the Bluetooth headset that came out from different companies. But the latest and the most noteworthy one is known as Pillete. The Pillete is such as tiny Bluetooth headset that it appears invisible to an untrained eye. This gadget certainly eliminates your worry of looking like Robocop when you’re on the run. Still though, this gadget is not perfect because people’s ears have different sizes; the Pilletes may be too small or too big for a particular person. Nobody can deny though that ones you figured out how to make the Pillete work for you, you can expect to enjoy hassle-free phone calls anytime and anywhere.

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